Farrah Fawcett Poster

Farrah Fawcett Poster; Photo: Bruce McBroom, 1976

Researching serial imagery I found this: the 1976 image of Farrah Fawcett. As they would say on N.P.R., “this is a thoroughly unscientific poll,” but by some accounts this is the most printed poster of all time… at an estimated 12 million copies! Wikipedia says Farrah actually chose the one photo from 40 rolls of film Bruce McBroom shot on that fateful day in 1976. She retained the rights and ended up making millions of dollars in sales—far more than she made appearing in Charlie’s Angels.

1976 was before my time and so did not ever have a copy of this hung with push-pins in my boyhood room, but it sounds like some fellas did. Why so VERY popular, who knows. Could be the suit, which was subsequently donated to the Smithsonian and is due for display sometime between this year (2011) and next.

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